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Just the beginning made me love this game, and I'm so excited to see more.

Hello there! I just finished playing your wonderfull game, I loved both keith and tenebris, and i couldn't help but feel like drawing them, so i come to ask for permision to make a fan art and post it on instagram and tik tok (with credits ofcourse). 

Thank you for giving us players the oportunity to enjoy content as beautifuly done as your game!

Thank you so much for enjoying my game! And of course you can post fanart! I'd be more than happy if you did!

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Thank you so much! I dont think i have a usser which i can use to tag you for credits, but i wil 

Thanks again :D


My name is Lina, I'm a team leader of a russian fan made group "VNka":

We translate japanese and english visual novels to other languages.

Our group have many finished projects:

I really like your novel "Duality".

Could you possibly give us permission to translate it into russian?

Hello! Yep, you have my permission to translate it! ^^

Thank you!!!


gah why is there no option to give them a lil smooch during the forever together ending TToTT


Forever together is a bad end? Bro, that's happy ending in my book 😳🙏🙏❤️


I am so happy I am not the only one who thought that


AHH I was not expecting to fall in love with both of them! Tenebris is baby and I just wanna snuggle him!

TENEBRIS MY BELOVED <3 Ahhh I love this! Ngl you scared the shit out of me with the sudden "Don't close the game". I kinda like the bad end, though, staying forever with both... but if I have to choose, Tenebris for sure! I'm really looking forward to the full game! 

I only had the chance to comment now but I played the game some time ago. I've finished all the endings in one sitting. I have to say I really love the art style and the story. Oh and the GUI too! (Especially the dialogue bar thingy was so creative.) 

Lastly, I gotta say Tenebris stole my heart lol. Thank you for your amazing work. Can't wait to see more!  

AMAZING WORK!! waiting for updates S2

I absolutely love this concept and the art! Very excited to hopefully support this game in the future <3

Best of luck, dev!

I loved the demo! I'm in love with both characters, I can't wait for the full game!


aaahh i love both of the characters sm! cant wait for the full game's release :D thank you for the hard work, the artstyle and story is amazing! <33


Came for Keith but now I'm invested in the both of them! Can't wait for the full game! :)

There's 2 of them?! - "Duality" Bad Ending - YouTube


I love this! i love tenebris so much haha, im waiting for the full ver

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Hey! Do you plan a android version? I don't have a computer and it doesn't work in my emulator... :(


I'm planing a small update soon and might do an android version as well ^^


i love!! cant wait for the full game!


Sorry, I think I confused myself! Is this the demo or has the complete game been released?


This is only the demo!


dun mean 2 b racist,but why is 1 of the guys blue?


Because he's not human :')

I love the art. All endings below: 

Ending 2: 

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Ending 3: 

This game was awesome. I can't to see how fleshed out the characters will be in the full game.



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this game is so good omg and idk why but i think i like more tenebris sorry idk how to spell it but idk why but i like more pschopaths than cute boys loll


I had so much fun playing this! Cannot wait for the completed game!

Just finished getting all the possible ending so far! I absolutely loved them! Looking forward for the full game and new updates especiallythepolyending 

Question: will the full game be free to play


Yep! The whole game will be completely free.


That was absolutely wonderful!
One of the bad endings was really the best ending in my opinion <3 <3 <3 Loooove the characters and the story and the art style - everything is just *chef's kiss* ^_^

It was sooo good!! I'm so excited for the final game!

I believe the hype behind this game was definitely justified. I had my eyes on it, even before coming to know about the Yandere VN community.

The art style is just so clean, both Keith and Tenebris are so cute in their own way. I do have my own theories about the two characters, but I'm honestly really excited to see where the story takes us in the final game.

how did you download the game do i need to do something spefic to get the game or havea paticular device if not is thereany other apps the game is on 


Hello! Once you've downloaded the game from this page, you need to unzip the file. You can do that using a program called winrar, which you'd also need to install if you don't already have it

I love it! Good game, i can't wait for more content! 

I love this so much TwT soo cute 


This was a nice visual novel so far. Keith seems like he's very nice lol.


temebris is soo cool, love this game!!


is it too late to change the name? it is a little too similar to


I really don't see the point since there are tons of games with same/similar name


I love it :D! And the bad ending is more like a good ending for me. It's amazing, I fell in love with the characters and their designs <3! hehe


Yay! Love this game already. Not gonna lie though, the bad ending? I consider it the perfect ending. *EEE* I'm so excited for the full release of the game. CAN'T WAIT.


Been following the game on tumbrl, the demo is gret so excited for what will come next!

Great I've been looking forward to this game for a long time! One bad ending is a good ending for me hehe


Such cuties!! So excited for more, this was so good! I LOVE their designs. 10/10 would bad end again

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